Why Register a Trademark?

As a business owner, you may be wondering if it’s worth registering a trademark for your company. At The Patent King, we strongly recommend that all businesses register their trademarks, and we are here to help business owners throughout the trademark registration process. Here are just four reasons to register a trademark.

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Trademarks Are Valuable Assets

Your trademarks are one of your most valuable business assets. They can consist of your business name, slogan, logo, and more. Trademarks can be used to generate revenue through licensing, and can also help protect your company from imitators. By registering your trademark with the USPTO, you are acquiring exclusive rights to use the mark.

Creates Nationwide Constructive Use Of Your Mark

A federal trademark registration creates nationwide constructive use of your mark, which can be helpful in case of a dispute. The date of first use as registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is also the date that you can use to prove exclusive ownership of your mark.

Protects And Promotes Your Brand

Innovation is always a great way to improve your life or the lives of others, and one of the best ways to innovate is by creating a production process that’s convenient or efficient. Whether it’s the process of creating something new to the world or you’re improving on a process that’s already in place, patenting a production process can be a key step in protecting your intellectual property.

It's The Law

In the United States, trademark registration is mandatory for certain types of marks. The USPTO will not issue a federal trademark registration for a mark that is not registered with the state in which it is used. The Patent King is here to help you with the entirety of the trademark registration process.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property with a Patent Lawyer

At The Patent King, we strongly recommend that all businesses register their trademarks. The benefits of trademark registration are numerous and The Patent King can help you take advantage of them! Get in touch with our office in Las Vegas today.