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IP Lawyer Providing Legal Guidance and Real Results

Led by born and raised Las Vegas resident Phil Virga, a registered United States Patent Attorney, Patent King brings over three decades of experience to the table. Patent King works directly with inventors and businesses to prepare and secure Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright applications.

First-Class Protection, Quality in Every Step

Patent King delivers exceptional patents, trademarks, and intellectual property law solutions. Your ideas are precious; let our dedicated patent lawyer elevate them to their fullest potential.

Intellectual Property Law You Can Understand

In the intricate landscape of intellectual property law, Patent King is your compass. We speak your language and make the complex simple. Our patent lawyer is committed to making the process smooth, explanatory, uncomplicated, and successful for you.

Fixed Fees

We offer and provide fixed fee quotes at competitive rates for our guaranteed legal services on all our intellectual property services, including a free consultation to answer all your questions about patents, trademarks and intellectual property law in general before you agree to use our services. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from our IP lawyer about what’s ahead.

Premier Las Vegas Patent Attorneys

At Patent King, we’re not just typical patent attorneys but your dedicated partners in safeguarding your ideas and innovations. Our Las Vegas patent attorney’s unwavering commitment and exceptional knowledge of intellectual property law ensures that your creative work remains exclusively yours. When you seek answers, you receive nothing short of trusted and proven guidance.

With a proven track record as a reputable patent attorney serving the vibrant Las Vegas community, we bring a wealth of expertise you can rely on. Our experience and skills honed over time as a trusted IP attorney are the cornerstones of our excellence at the negotiation table and in legal proceedings.

Whether you’re an individual striving for success or a corporation seeking competitive advantage, you deserve nothing less than the experienced support of Patent King.

Got an Invention? Don't Let Your Hard Work Get Stolen!

Patent King is the IP Attorney You Need in Las Vegas

Do you have an invention/ idea that you want to protect? Patenting may be the way to go, but it can be complicated. That’s where Patent King comes in. We are the IP attorney in Las Vegas who can help you protect your invention with innovative and affordable methods. Our IP lawyers are also trusted advisors to businesses of all sizes, helping them protect their intellectual property assets.

What We Do

At Patent King, we help turn your inventive concepts into patented achievements. We handle your remarkable ideas with meticulous care. Our team of Las Vegas patent attorneys not only grasps the legal landscape and technological intricacies but also considers your business aspirations and financial capacities

Our patent attorneys' strategic work catalyzes your business growth—crafting precise and compelling patent applications that enhance the security and value of your innovations, ideas, and technological breakthroughs. At Patent King, we understand your competitive landscape and are here to pave the path to your intellectual property's more robust, more protected future.

Secure Your Ideas with a Trusted IP Lawyer

If you have an invention that you want to protect, contact Patent King today to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated IP lawyer. We will help you understand your options and develop a customized patent and intellectual property strategy to protect your invention and business, from now and into the future.

We Deliver First-Class Intellectual Property Law Solutions at Unbeatable Rates

Elevate your concepts confidently, knowing that our unmatched intellectual property law solutions are designed to fuse excellence with affordability. Patent King ensures that the highest caliber of protection is within your reach.

Copyright Law

Copyrights are a cornerstone of intellectual property law, safeguarding the creators of "original works of authorship" across literature, drama, music, art, and more. As a copyright lawyer, we collaborate with artists, authors, businesses, and creators of diverse backgrounds to ensure the security and preservation of their unique ideas and original masterpieces.

Patent Law

A United States Patent gives inventors the exclusive right to control their inventions' making, usage, and sale. Patent King is a shield for inventors, representing them before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in federal courts. Our mission is to secure and vigorously defend the broadest possible patent rights for your groundbreaking innovations.

Trademark Law

In a world saturated with commerce, trademarks play a pivotal role in distinguishing and protecting brands. These vital assets encapsulate words, names, symbols, and devices that signify the origin of goods and services.
Our trademark attorney here at Patent King is a partner in navigating the complexities of trademark protection, helping individuals and businesses secure and cultivate and safeguard their invaluable brands and visual identities.

Trade Secrets Law

Trade secrets are often overlooked, but they can be a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. Trade secrets are confidential information with economic value because they are unknown to the public. This information may include anything from recipes to manufacturing processes to customer lists. Trade secrets are protected by state and federal law and may be used to protect information not eligible for patent or copyright protection.

Is a Patent the Right Choice for Me?

The first thing any inventor or business owner should ask is, “Is getting a patent the right choice for me and what is its commercial viability?” Before applying, it’s crucial to think about this. We’re here to give you an honest and helpful answer. We want you to know what to expect when turning your ideas into something you legally own.

This includes searching for similar ideas that came before, understanding the costs, realizing that the process may take a while, and figuring out how to protect your patent if someone tries to copy it. Often, talking to a patent attorney can help you decide.

Why Should I Hire a Las Vegas Patent Attorney?

In simple terms, the patent system in the US can be tricky for someone lacking experience. A patent application is a unique legal document that must be done correctly. Otherwise, it can cause significant, often expensive, problems for you.

A patent attorney is a lawyer who knows the rules and laws of the patent system and is licensed to work on cases with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They understand the legal stuff and the science and technology behind your invention.

As a patent lawyer Las Vegas has trusted for many years, we ensure you know all the possible risks and issues with the patent system. This allows you to make intelligent choices about what to do with your patent application or other patent-related items.

Get Expert Copyright Help in Las Vegas

Skilled Copyright Lawyer

At Patent King, our copyright lawyers know all about helping you with your artistic and creative works. We do many different things, like making sure your work is allowed, making it official with paperwork, keeping an eye on it, and ensuring others follow the rules. We also help you make deals with other people who want to use your work, and we can help you get copyrights from others.

Here’s what our copyright lawyer can do for you:

  • Getting Your Work Officially Recognized: Our copyright lawyer will help you complete the proper papers to make your work official.
  • Sorting Out Disagreements: If someone copies your work without permission, we can advise you on what to do.
  • Making Deals: We help you work out agreements with others who want to use your work.
  • Defending Your Copyright: If someone takes your work and uses it without asking our dedicated copyright lawyer can help you stand up for your rights.
  • Going to Court: If things get dire, you can rely on us in court if you need to sue someone for copying your work or if someone is accusing you of copying theirs.
Our dedicated copyright lawyer at Patent King ensures your creative work of art and or authorship is protected, recognized and treated fairly.

Straightforward Guidance to Trademarks in Las Vegas

Experienced Trademark Attorney

At Patent King, we’re here to simplify trademarks for you. Whether you’re a small startup or a big company, we ensure your trademarks are official, strong, and well-protected.

Our skilled trademark attorney has extensive experience helping businesses with every step of trademark management. Our trademark attorney can assist you in investigating, processing, overseeing, defending, and permitting the use of your trademark assets.

When considering a potential trademark, we conduct preliminary checks to ensure its availability and effectiveness. Our trademark attorney collaborates closely with clients to tailor the level of protection according to their unique requirements and situations, securing federal, state, and even international trademark registrations when appropriate.

A trademark’s value is in its unique identity for your products and services. We also protect your rights, avoiding unauthorized use or violations and taking action against them.

Here’s how our dedicated trademark attorney can help you:

  • Offering advice on trademark selection and use.
  • Conducting searches to clear trademarks.
  • Preparing and filing trademark registration applications at different levels.
  • Managing the entire process of trademark registration, including addressing office requests, appeals, and more.
  • Taking care of post-registration maintenance and renewals.
  • Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark infringement cases.

At Patent King, we make sure your trademarks are in safe hands.

Get Courtroom-Tested Expertise On Your Side

Litigation Patent Lawyer Las Vegas Relies On

Running a business is busy work, and dealing with legal battles with patents on top of that can be overwhelming. But it’s something many businesses go through. If you’re in that situation, you need a skilled patent lawyer who has expert insights and uses common sense.

When things get dire and you’re heading to court, you need more than just any typical patent lawyer. You need an intelligent planner, a strong supporter, and a clear guide. That’s where Patent King comes in. Our experienced patent lawyer provides you with the best chance of success.

Why Choose a Litigation Patent Lawyer?
Picking a patent lawyer with a deep understanding of intellectual property law and lawsuits is an important decision. They're experts in helping with legal battles over ideas and inventions. They're not just good “in court” but also great at planning for the future. Whether you want to avoid a legal battle or are preparing for one, our patent lawyers are ready to fight for you. By choosing Patent King, we will be able to explain complex patents and other IP concepts in a way you can understand.
What Sets Our IP Lawyer Apart
People choose us as their dedicated Las Vegas IP lawyer because we know how to win from all sides in any situation. When a company's valuable ideas and creations are on the line, handling legal battles is vital.
Our clients don't just come to us for advice – they also want to plan for their future. Making intelligent choices early saves our clients’ money and future success. We're all about helping our clients avoid going to court, but if it must happen, we're ready.
At Patent King, we have over 30 years of experience in litigation matters and can guide you every step of the way. Whether you're the one who made the patent or the one being accused of using it without permission, you’ve got a reliable patent lawyer at Patent King ready to help you every step of the way.
Your Success Story Starts Here
Don't leave your patent to chance. Secure the expertise of a litigation patent lawyer who can skillfully navigate the legal battlefield. If you are ready to forge a path towards success in your patents, reach out to our team today and take the first step towards securing the outcome you deserve. Your future awaits, let a patent lawyer Las Vegas trust be your guide.
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Don’t let your groundbreaking ideas be vulnerable to exploitation or theft. Take action and partner with an experienced patent lawyer who will fight passionately to safeguard your intellectual property rights. Your innovation deserves nothing less than the expertise and dedication of a skilled patent lawyer.

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