What Are The Different Types Of Patents?

Do you have a revolutionary invention or groundbreaking innovation? If so, it’s important to protect it from individuals who might try to steal or replicate it. Obtaining a patent is the best way to do this, but it can be difficult to know which type of patent your creation qualifies for. That’s why Patent King is here to discuss the different types of patents available to you in Nevada, so you can choose the right one to protect your intellectual property!

Utility Patent

Utility patents are what most people associate with the general term “patent.” These are used to protect new inventions or technologies, and they typically require long, technical documentation that details how the mechanism functions. The application process for utility patents in Nevada can be similarly lengthy and complicated, so it’s recommended that you hire an experienced patent attorney to assist you.

Design Patent

Design patents offer legal protection of a specific design on an item. This design can incorporate colors, patterns, or anything else that gives it a unique and distinguishable appearance. Existing design patents are extremely difficult to search through because their supporting documents often contain very few words. Fortunately, Patent King can help verify the novelty of your design so you can acquire a patent quickly!

Plant Patent

Plant patents protect exactly what you’d expect — new plants! If you managed to create or discover a new variety of plant that can asexually reproduce, then a plant patent can help protect your ownership of it. To learn more about plant patents, trademarks, or any other type of IP protection, contact us today!

Filing For A Patent In Nevada

Identifying which type of patent you need is a crucial first step to securing your intellectual property. However, the full process of filing a patent in Nevada can be extensive and difficult to navigate on your own. To enlist the services of the best patent attorney in Las Vegas, schedule a free consultation with Patent King!

If your new invention or discovery falls under one of the three categories listed above, it can be safeguarded with a patent. We want to help you protect what’s rightfully yours, so get in touch today!