Four Common Misconceptions About Patents

From copyrights to trademarks, there are many legal methods available for making sure your intellectual property stays safely in your hands. Patents are another essential protection, guarding your inventions and designs from theft or recreation. However, despite how important patents are, there are many misconceptions surrounding their usage and efficacy. Today, Patent King is here to dispel four common misconceptions about patents in Nevada, so you know what to look out for when you’re ready to apply for one.

Myth: You Can Get A Patent For An Idea

Even if you come up with the most jaw-dropping, life-changing, earth-shattering idea the world has ever seen, unfortunately, it can’t be patented until it can be manifested. For a patent to be granted, you need to know exactly how your creation functions in real life, with extensive documentation to back it up. This documentation must be thorough and accurate for your patent application to be successful, which is why it’s best to enlist the assistance of a skilled patent attorney in Las Vegas.  Patent King has helped Nevada residents protect their IP for over twenty years, and now we’re ready to help you, too!

Myth: Patents Are International

You should be aware that there is no universal patent that exists today. Patents are limited in terms of location and duration, so you should consider both of these factors when applying for yours. Patent King specializes in U.S. patent applications, but if your invention needs IP protection overseas, schedule a free consultation with us and we can discuss your options!

Myth: A Patent Means You’re Not Infringing

The United States Patent and Trademark Office will seek to verify the novelty and inventiveness of your creation when deciding whether to grant you a patent. However, even if these requirements are met and you obtain a patent, it is still possible for you to infringe upon someone else’s intellectual property. This can happen when certain claims overlap, so it’s important to make sure your patent application is constructed with the help of an experienced patent attorney in Las Vegas.

Myth: All Patents Are Useful

Not all patents are created equal. In fact, some patents are not valuable or useful at all when created, which can mean a lot of wasted time, money, and effort on your part. The most common reason this occurs is because a patent’s claim is too specific, enabling other entrepreneurs to snatch your idea or subvert your patent’s authority with only slight modifications. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should have your patent application professionally drafted by an expert patent attorney who knows what they’re doing.

Patent law in Nevada is complicated, but essential if you want to protect your intellectual property and utilize it in the future. If you’re looking to file a patent in Nevada, contact Patent King today, and let us handle the complexities while you reap the benefits!