How Does Copyright Registration Help Your Company?

At Patent King, we understand that your company is like your baby — you’d do anything to protect it! That includes your company’s assets and intellectual property, such as business logos, website content, and more. The best way to protect your company’s IP and make sure it’s secure is by formally registering a copyright with the help of an experienced copyright attorney.

Public Record Of Ownership

Under the Constitution, any original work of authorship within a tangible medium is automatically granted copyright. However, without formal copyright registration from a trusted copyright attorney like Patent King, ownership of the property can easily be disputed. Registering your copyright will create a public record of ownership that can help you deter and dispute infringement in the future.

Legal Record Of Ownership

Copyright registration has the added benefit of providing a legal record of ownership for your company’s intellectual property. If the registration occurs within five years of publication, it will be considered prima facie evidence in a court of law, meaning that it’s sufficient to establish fact. Our copyright, trademark, and patent attorneys in Las Vegas can walk you through the full registration process and its wide-ranging legal benefits for your company.

Ability To Sue For Infringement

Formally registering your company’s copyrights allows you to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement against anyone attempting to claim your intellectual property as their own. This prerequisite is necessary to take any legal action, and therefore extremely important for protecting your company’s assets.


Copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office is the best way to prove the validity and ownership of your business’ creations. Doing so can help uphold the authority of your company’s brand while preventing costly and frustrating legal conflicts down the road.

If you want to ensure the security and longevity of your company’s intellectual property, formal copyright registration is essential. Patent King’s legal team in Las Vegas can assist you with the entire process, along with any other patent or trademark services you may need. Contact us today!