What Can Be Patented

If you’re interested in protecting your intellectual property, looking into patents and trademarks is usually one of the first steps people take. Whether you’re protecting a new idea you’ve had or you’re ensuring that a creation is credited to you, patents are helpful to those with intellectual property to protect. Keep reading to learn more about what kinds of intellectual property can be patented and contact Patent King today to get started with our help!


When you’ve created something new to meet a need that you’ve seen, you not only want to get credit for your creation, you also want to ensure that money earned from the creation goes to you! One of the most important steps after successfully inventing something new is to patent your work!

New Discovery

Whether you’re a scientist, creator, artist, or anything in between, if you’ve made a new discovery, you deserve to take credit for it! By patenting your new discovery, you’ll have your name attached to this new information, product, or concept, allowing you any monetary gain or other benefits from the discovery.

Production Process

Innovation is always a great way to improve your life or the lives of others, and one of the best ways to innovate is by creating a production process that’s convenient or efficient. Whether it’s the process of creating something new to the world or you’re improving on a process that’s already in place, patenting a production process can be a key step in protecting your intellectual property.

Upgrade To Existing Invention

Of course, updating a process isn’t the only way that your innovation can be patented. If you’re improving an existing invention, your updates and improvements can potentially be patented, too! Working with a patent attorney like Patent King can help you figure out the guidelines of your patent in regards to those updates or improvements.

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