4 Things Business Owners Should Know About Trademarks

Admittedly, understanding patent law is difficult. There are many subtle rules and regulations you must follow in order to be protected. This is why you should always partner with a top-rated patent lawyer, such as Patent King, in order to be sure your trademark is protected. Learn four things business owners should know about trademarks, and get in touch today!

Understand What A Trademark Is

A trademark is a proprietary word, slogan, phrase, symbol, or name that identifies your business and sets it apart from others. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) is the federal agency that grants trademarks.

You Can't Trademark Generic Names

Some business owners make the mistake of choosing a business name that ultimately is denied a trademark due to how broad of a name it is. For example, “Best Chicago Pizza” won’t be granted a trademark because every pizza company thinks they are the best. However, “Apple” for a computer company will.

Do A Trademark Search Before Naming Your Business And/Or Your Products

Please invest the money and have a patent attorney conduct a trademark search on your behalf. This will ensure that no one else is using that name or has it trademarked. The last thing you want is to open a business and spend a lot of money getting it going only to find out down the road the name is trademarked and you’ll have to rebrand.

You Enforce Your Own Trademarks

Just because your trademark is registered with the USPTO does not mean that your work is done. It’s up to you to protect and enforce your trademark if someone else infringes upon it. Use your registered trademark symbol and act promptly if you believe it has been violated.

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