What Should Be Trademarked Or Patented For Protection?

Patents and trademarks are two of the most important protections for any innovator to consider when exposing their work to the world. They allow you to take ownership of your creation without fear of your intellectual property being stolen or otherwise used by others without clear permission. Learn more about what should be patented below. Contact Patent King and protect your ideas with us today!


Though it may seem slightly vague, processes are something that you can and should protect via a patent. These are acts or steps that are taken in order to produce a specific result. What makes a new process unique and worthy of protection is the unique way that steps are arranged, whether it is to produce a better product or increase efficiency.


A “machine” is the easiest concept to understand when it comes to patents and trademarks because it is the most tangible thing that you can protect. Any concrete object, device, or combination of devices is considered a machine and is therefore eligible for a patent. Everything that you can think of, from light fixtures and car engines to the machines that operate power plants fall under this area of intellectual property protection.


One of the largest and continuously growing areas of patent protection law is software. Technology innovators are constantly coming up with new systems and programs in order to adapt to the evolving world of computing. Code is easily copied, modified, and otherwise stolen, so it is important to protect it. This is only going to become more pervasive as technology continues to advance.


Patenting materials can be complicated, but it is crucial in the world of manufacturing. A modified version of an existing substance or a brand new component can change the quality of the end product. If you discover a new way to develop raw materials by changing their form, shape, or composition, you should protect it so that competitors don’t take your idea and use it to their benefit without your permission.

Ensure that your ideas and inventions are protected — get them patented before you take them public. It protects you from theft so that you don’t have to worry about someone else profiting off of your hard work. Reach out to Patent King to start the process now.